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Sprinkler System Installation and Service

sprinkler system installation

Are you considering installing a new sprinkler system? Whether you are interested in doing an install in a building that has not previously had a sprinkler system, or you are looking to update a building that has had an existing system we can help you choose the proper sprinkler system for the maximum protection and safety of your building. In addition to installing a new sprinkler system, we can offer complete service and maintenance of that system once in place. Call us today! We are eager to provide you with the best fire protection solutions for your needs.

Sprinkler System Retrofitting

As building codes and technology progresses, older structures need to be updated with a sprinkler systems retrofit. Sprinkler system retrofits can be complicated and require a highly skilled professional. Don’t leave this job in the hands of an inexperienced contractor. CNJ Fire Protection in Rochester, NY has the expert performance record and qualifications to deliver your retrofit projects on time and within budget.

Fire Protection Inspections and Repair

fire system inspection

Do you have an existing Fire Protection system that needs to be inspected or repaired? Don't know who to call? When it comes time for an inspection, the National Fire Protection Association's (NFPA) requires quarterly inspections. We can help! Don't wait until it's too late and find out when tragedy strikes that your system isn't working correctly, or face fines for not having it tested.

We have 25+ years of experience with fire protection systems. We can perform inspections and tests to ensure your equipment is working properly. If we find problems with your system, we can fix them quickly and affordably. Call CNJ Fire Protection in Rochester, NY today to schedule a fire protection system inspection or repair.

Backflow Installation and Service

Most sprinkler and domestic water systems require a backflow prevention device. The backflow prevention valves stop any water from seeping back into the public water supply, eliminating cross-connection contamination. We offer backflow installation services, and we can service, repair or replace your backflow prevention valves should they become faulty. Call us today for an estimate!

Backflow Prevention Testing

backflow inspection

New York State requires annual testing of all backflow prevention systems. As part of your routine fire prevention system inspection, we will test to ensure proper operation of the device, as well as provide any recommendations to ensure the system continues to function correctly. Call us today to schedule testing for your backflow prevention systems.

Fire Pumps

Does your fire protection system have a fire pump? We will ensure your fire pump system is working properly with reliable testing and maintenance. CNJ Fire Protection in Rochester, NY specializes in fire pump installation maintenance and repairs. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

fire pumps   fire protection

hydrant testing

Hydrant Testing & Maintenance

We often forget how crucial fire hydrants are to our fire protection systems until we need them. CNJ Fire Protection offers complete fire hydrant testing and maintenance services so you leave nothing to chance. An improperly performing hydrant can lead to serious property loss and even death. Hydrant testing consists of making sure all valves are working properly, there is no leaks, proper pressure is reaching the hydrant, and the hydrant is properly painted and marked. Our maintenance plans will regularly flush the hydrant and ensure all parts are working properly. Don't leave your property and safety to chance. Call us today at 585-265-3473 (585-CNJ-FIRE).

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